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You already knew that Mozart was a multi-faceted talent. We pay rent on the attic this week as we look at five different aspects of Mozart's music -- from simple song to the pioneering work in the then-new piano concerto form to writing for symphonic and string ensembles to a piece originally intended for the  fashionable gizmo of the day: the mechanical clock, essentially a music box.

Then we have a nod to some musicians we lost in 2016, along with a look at some of the local classical scene.

If Frosty and Rudolph and the Twelve Days are starting to get to you, it's not your imagination. After weeks of hearing the Christmas "standards" at every turn, it can begin to seem like the longest stretch since the election.

We've got holiday music this Thursday you won't hear elsewhere: some French organ noels, old English carols, traditional Sephardic music, and a Christmas cantata by Bach. After all, there's always something completely different to be found in the attic.

Surf Returns to WFIT!  The Big Surf Show returns to WFIT on Saturday nights 8pm-10pm starting Dec. 17.  Host Danny Morris spins songs inspired by the sun, sand and the surf.

Friday, December 16 we will have an early visit by Santa Claus some of his elves to talk about this year’s Surfing Santas. This event brings together hundreds of Santas to ride the waves in Cocoa Beach on Christmas Eve morning.

We’ll talk with Santa and hear Anna Lusk perform her song Oh Surfin’ Santa on Sound Waves Fri at noon.

What a year it’s been. A year of loss, reflections and stunning surprises.

Music has a way of capturing the mood and emotions of the moment. David Bowie, always the leader, started off the year with his final album. The rest of the music world followed. Many albums this year were about loss, yet most are still searching and hoping things will be ok. Here is our top picks for 2016