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WFIT Features
3:52 pm
Tue September 9, 2014

Mozart's Attic


Tonight on Mozart’s Attic at 10:00: Selections from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach will be featured this week.

The blank book was a present from Johann Sebastian Bach to his wife in which she could copy down some of her favorite pieces written by her husband, by members of her extended family, and by some of the other composers of the day.

It was a scrapbook, and it gives a glimpse of what an evening's relaxation might have been like in the notoriously busy Bach household.



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WFIT Features
4:40 pm
Fri July 18, 2014

Behind The Scenes With Christian Tamburr At WFIT

Vibraphonist and pianist Christian Tamburr, Florida Tech's music artist in residence, gathered his all-star band to record his fifth studio album at the WFIT studio earlier this month. Check out behind the scenes video of this studio recording featuring music from his new album!

WFIT Features
11:52 am
Wed June 18, 2014

Need a Forever Companion? Adopt Me!

Cassie, a one year old spayed domestic short hair cat. She is sweet, curious and has the most friendly personality. "Please take me home!"


Brought to you in June by American Humane Association

Each spring during “kitten season,” thousands of newborn kittens join the millions of cats already in shelters across the country. That means your local shelter has tons of cute, cuddly newborns, in addition to all the mellow, older cats and everything in between. And the shelter staff are ready to help you adopt your very first cat — or to bring home a friend for another beloved cat!

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WFIT Features
1:55 pm
Wed October 30, 2013

Hosting The Hosts: Fred Migliore

Welcome to the first edition of Hosting the Hosts! In each of these web exclusives, you'll read stories told a little by station intern Drew Lacy and a lot by the hosts of your favorite shows. In this first edition, learn more about FM Odyssey host Fred Milgiore and how his show became the fan favorite that is is today.

Fred Migliore arrived in the studio for our interview barefoot, flanked by a golden retriever named Zero who announced the pair’s entrance with a booming bark.

“It’s kind of like putting the vacuum cleaner on in reverse,” Fred said, describing the experience of turning the tables to be the interviewee rather than interviewer. Zero circled below the desk with the occasional huff or sigh to request a scratch behind the ears.

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WFIT Features
1:21 pm
Fri October 11, 2013

The Making Of WFIT's Special "Oktoberfund" Home Brew!

WFIT Oktoberfund Kolsch Beer: Proudly brewed by WFIT staff and help from Brock’s Home Brew Supply we offer our fine Kolsch beer for a $100.00 donation during WFIT’s Fall Fund Drive!
Special thanks goes to Steve B. in Connecticut for all the great artwork, he listens on line and is a long time member of WFIT!

WFIT made its special ‘Oktoberfund’ Kolsch beer at Brock’s Home Brew Supply for the 2013 Fall Fund Drive.

Here’s the photo slide show of our beer making experience!