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Dmitri Shostakovich
The Guardian

It took some gumption to write music for a production of King Lear in Stalin's Russia in 1941. Dmitri Shostakovich, already having  been denounced in Pravda during the Great Terror, composed a score of incidental music to accompany Shakespeare's tale of a ruler gone mad, betrayed by flatterers and angry at those who spoke truth to him.

Anyone for allegory?

In 1971, long after Stalin's death, he did it once again for a motion picture soundtrack.

Melbourne Civic Theatre's "The Price"

May 31, 2016

"The Price" Paid for Life's Choices 
Honoring the centennial of Arthur Miller's birth, theaters throughout the country have been staging revivals of the works of one of  America's playwright giants.  The Melbourne Civic Theatre has joined the parade with a powerful staging of "The Price" that runs through June 26. One of Miller’s last works for the stage, the two-act chamber drama tells the story of long estranged brothers-- Victor, a disheartened New York police sergeant, and Walter, a prosperous surgeon whose personal life is in shambles.

In 1880, someone suggested to Tchaikovsky that he write a piece of music to celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary of the coronation of Alexander II.

Staying on the good side of the Czar was always a good idea, and Tchaikovsky wrote a festival overture to be performed in front of the new Moscow cathedral, then nearing completion. The Czar was assassinated, the concert cancelled, and the score went into a box for a couple of years until another suitable occasion came around.

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Louis Moreau Gottschalk

Springtime and the great outdoors.  Beethoven captured one view of this; Aaron Copland another.  Or did he?

The strange tale of an iconic piece of American music this week, and we'll follow that with an hour of short pieces by other American composers. Gottschalk, Ives, Randall Thompson and more: it all begins at ten.