WFIT Features

If you like organ music that you can feel in the pit of your stomach, then Jehan Alain's Three Dances is for you.  Marie-Claire Alain sets the 32-foot pipes of the Chateau-Salins organ in Moselle a-rumble in a performance of music by her brother, a promising young talent who was killed fighting with the French army during the 1940 invasion of World War II.

In the middle of the last century, Alan Lomax travelled this country with a portable (barely) recording machine and collected the folk music of America.

In 1651, John Playford travelled England with pen and paper and collected the folk dances of his land. With the publication of Playford's Dancing Master, he had an instant hit on his hands both in England and in the colonies, resulting in the printing of dozens of further volumes over the next fifty or so years.

Celebrating WFIT's 40th Anniversary through a new concept called "The Panther Cypher", which is a group of students with musical talents coming together and showing what they can do. Kevin Jackman, Brandon SImms, Adrian Mchargh, and WFIT's new Director of Special Events Angel Vasquez, decided to create this event and at the same time honor Dr. Jerome Keuper for integrating FIT and bringing WFIT to us. The video is great entertainment, promotion and education so I hope you enjoy.

We begin with a baroque hour featuring a battle suite for brasses by Samuel Scheidt, the seventh in our cycle of the eight symphonies of William Boyce, the Vivaldi Gloria, and an orchestral concerto by Johann David Heinichen -- once  the official composer to the most prestigious court orchestra in Northern Europe, now largely unknown.