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It must be a universal parents' experience to scratch their heads and wonder (or complain) about "kids' music nowadays."

At least six of Johann Sebastian Bach's kids pursued music as their life work, but they didn't particularly follow in their father's footsteps.

We'll hear three pieces by three different Bachs this week -- all very different.

We don't know what dad made of this. See what you think.

Sun. 1/10 on FM Odyssey - Marks the beginning of my 25th year doing this radio show, and I'll kick it off with an hour of songs about changes and new beginnings. (apropos for January!)
Plus vintage vinyl from Scott Boyer & Cowboy, Scott wrote "Please Be With Me " which ended up on Eric's 461 Ocean Blvd., a few years later and much more to sink your teeth into.

WFIT-FM welcomes a new show, Guitar Traxs, hosted by award winning musician, composer, recording engineer and author Brian Tarquin.

Guitar Traxs will focus on jazz and electric fusion styles such as Weather Report, Pat Metheny, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Billy Cobham to Jeff Beck and Frank Zappa.

With all of the other holiday music filling the air, Beethoven's mid-December birthday mostly gets overlooked.

We've got Christmas music ranging from some medieval composers to Bela Bartok to Charles Ives this week, and the last hour of the program will be devoted to a Christmas cantata by Ralph Vaughan Williams.

Music to wait for Santa by...... or to assemble that bicycle..... or just to relax by the wassail bowl.

Christmas Eve in the Attic -- As always, it all starts at ten.