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Was he a genius or was he nuts.... or maybe a little of both.

Canadian Pianist Glenn Gould  is particularly associated with the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, though the composer wrote not one  note for the piano. How can a performer's interpretations be both oh-so-wrong yet simultaneously oh-so-right?

Or again... maybe it's a little of both.

Listen to Glenn Gould's Bach on this Thursday's Mozart's Attic, and see what you think.

It's St. Joseph's Day and Mozart's Attic celebrates all things Polish this Thursday night.

Chopin of course, but also Renaissance works from fifteenth- and sixteenth-century tablatures to the avant-garde of Krzystof Penerecki -- and lots more, including performances by Wanda Landowska, and one of the first recordings of Leopold Stokowski, then the conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Classical music of Poland: that's this Thursday night at 10, only on 89.5 FM WFIT and streaming live at

Todd Kennedy will have an interview with Dave Wakeling of The English Beat on Sound Waves at 1:00 Friday.

WFIT DJs will be sitting in on Sound Waves at noontime each day during our 2015 Spring Fund Drive. On Monday, we’ll chat with the Sandman from Private Radio about Texas music. Meet Christoph from Christoph’s Vault on Tuesday to talk about groovy jam band tunes.

Leo Cross, the gentleman who led the rescue of 15 (or more) manatees from being stuck in a drainpipe in Satellite Beach last week will be a guest on On The Flipside with Java John this Saturday night at 6 pm.