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WFIT' listeners believe that companies that support programs on public radio are  more credible than those that advertise on commercial radio.

So why not partner with WFIT and get positive business exposure during our Fall 2016 Membership Campaign?!  Your tax-deductible donation of gift certificates, tickets, or passes will be used as listener incentives during our Campaign which begins Friday, September 23rd, and runs through Sunday, October 2nd.

WFIT kicks off its Fall Fund Drive at 7 am on September 23rd.  As a public radio station, we depend on listener support for a major portion of our funding.

Become a Broadcast Booster now and join us for an "End of Summer Beach Party" at the WFIT Broadcast Studio.

Music by Steelpan Performer Dudley Quest will make you feel like you in the islands.

Love WFIT? Love live concerts and live theater? We have a huge inventory of tickets to some of the best shows of a wide variety of genres and venues, and you can score a pair of tickets when you support WFIT with a donation!