Space News

Delta 4 Heavy Rocket

The next few weeks are shaping up as a busy time for rocket launches from Cape Canaveral.  WFIT’s Rick Glasby has the story.

SpaceX lands rocket booster on barge

After several attempts to land a rocket booster on a floating barge, SpaceX was successful on Friday during a cargo mission for NASA.  WFIT’s Rick Glasby shares the SpaceX video.


The weather forecast is "90% go” for a NASA/SpaceX launch this Friday at 4:43 PM. The Dragon spacecraft is taking supplies and equipment to the International Space Station, including an inflatable habitat. WFIT’s Rick Glasby files this report from the Kennedy Space Center

Orion Spacecraft

The last mission for NASA’s Orion spacecraft was December 2014. WFIT’s Rick Glasby tells us when we can expect the next Orion flight.

The weather forecast is 90% favorable for Tuesday night’s launch of a cargo ship to the International Space Station.  WFIT’s Rick Glasby reports from Cape Canaveral.