Kinjal Sukani stopped by the WFIT studios to talk with EJ Castor about her home country India.  Kinjal is from Gujarat, which is  a state in the western part of India.  Kinjal speaks four languages and shared information regarding the diversity of cultures within the individual Indian territories.

Located 35 miles south of Florida Tech’s Melbourne campus, the Vero Beach Marine Laboratory is offering five days of fun, hands-on learning activities built around seahorses, clownfish, corals, and much more! 

Campers will enter the world of Florida Tech’s aquaculture and conservation biology professionals and leave with a greater understanding and appreciation for marine conservation The camp is open to all students entering 6th through 8th grade.

Computer Science Summer Camp More info

Interested in learning how to program in high demand languages like Java, C++, and C#? Would you rather learn by making movies and video games? Are you tired of rhetorical questions with obvious answers?

Summer Camps Rock!  Leadership is one of the most overlooked skills and transcends almost everything we do in life. Join us for a youth leadership camp that incorporates a combination of classroom training and active learning at the Florida Tech Challenge Course. Students will learn the attributes of a leader, team leading procedures, leadership styles and problem solving, along with other tools that make a well-rounded and effective leader.

The Florida Wildlife Hospital & Sanctuary is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to Florida's wildlife in need.  Find out more 


Florida Wildlife Hospital Wish List

paper towels

bleach (unscented)

rubber gloves for dish washing

vinyl exam gloves – medium & large

bird seed - regular mixed seed variety

sunflower seed

distilled water

unflavored Pedialyte (or generic equivalent)