The Feller Academy’s goal is to nurture the academic and emotional education of young people through theatre; and to make the rich benefits reaped from the experience available to all socio-economic levels and all traditionally underserved populations..

The arts find themselves in a very precarious position in schools and in some communities due to difficult economic challenges. Introducing young people to the world of theatre remains at the core of what we do in education programming The Henegar Center.

We strive to further these three key areas:

Mars Class

Aug 21, 2017

Space Minute PSA Series #12: Mars Class

For as much attention as we pay to getting to Mars, many would suggest that the real work starts once we arrive on the Red Planet.

A unique class at Florida Institute of Technology is taking on some of the biggest hurdles in our quest to colonize Mars.


August 24


05:30 pm - 07:30 pm


Groundswell Startups

Email: Venue

Groundswell Startups

2412 Irwin Street

Melbourne, FL, United States, 32901


  Florida Surf Film Festival

Florida Surf Film Festival – 4 Quarterly Screenings/Year3rd Quarterly Screening Series 

Planet Water

Aug 14, 2017

Space Minute PSA Series #11: Planet Water

We often take water for granted here on Earth, but finding evidence of it on other planets is a big deal.

It helps us understand how our solar system was formed billions of years ago. But more intriguing to many, the presence of water means a so-called Goldilocks zone where the temperature was not too hot or too cold for liquid water to exist.