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Dr. Andy Stanfield is the Assistant Vice President for Assessment, Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation, as well an an Adjunct Professor in the Humanities Department.  Prior to arriving at Florida Tech, he pursued a Doctoral Degree in Instructional Design and Development and upon graduation, he eventually made his way to our Florida Tech campus (via South Dakota).  Dr. Stanfield's true passion is his music.

EJ Castor

Hirad Ahmed is a first-semester student, majoring in Chemical Engineering, and from the country of Pakistan.  Hirad has been an enthusiastic student, embracing the American culture and making many new friends, while at the same time, staying true to his religion, Islam.  He was able to quickly adapt from the British system to the American system of instruction and  achieved high marks on all his courses during his first semester.


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EJ Castor

Jixing Zheng is a graduate student from Beijing, China, and is majoring in Computer Science and Operations Research at Florida Tech.