July 1st Thursday -- Movie Night: "13th" FeaturedWritten by  Team SCPA 


Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  Our July 1st Thursday 

program will be the movie named: "13th", and explores how blacks in America have

Mars Chamber

Jun 26, 2017

Space Minute PSA Series #4: Mars Chamber

Nearly every university has some interesting things on campus, from rare books to famous paintings. But no other university campus has this...

In 2016, officials at Kennedy Space Center asked Florida Institute of Technology faculty if they would like to take something off their hands: A hollow, stainless-steel tube known as the Mars Environment Chamber.

Reusable Spacecraft

Jun 19, 2017

Space Minute PSA Series #3: Reusable Spacecraft

Disposable vs. reusable.

For the longest time, that topic centered mainly on razors, pens and diapers.

But back in the 1970s, something new entered into the discussion, and our world would never be the same: a space shuttle.

Launching like a rocket and returning like a glider, this 122-foot long marvel of technology was the world’s first reusable spacecraft.

Mapping the Universe

Jun 12, 2017

Space Minute PSA Series #2: Mapping the Universe

Scientists in 2016 debuted the most comprehensive 3-D map of the known universe.  For five years, sky surveys from hundreds of physicists and astronomers were collected and compiled to consolidate all that is known about how galaxies in our universe are distributed.

Known in short as BOSS, the map is large: tiny dots, the size of pinheads, represent not stars but entire galaxies. A partial slice of this map covering only on 1/20th of the sky contains 43,000 galaxies.

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