Obinna (Obi) Uyanna, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and specializing in Thermal and Fluid Sciences, participated in a Florida Tech International Student Spotlight (scheduled to air on 22 July 2015).  Obi is a member of the Nigerian Igbo Tribe and the information he shares regarding his culture and the annual festivals is incentive to book a flight to Nigeria just to taste the food first-hand and participate in the annual Yam Festival.  Obi's perspective on university life is inspirational.

Florida Tech Faculty Profile

Dr. Prasanta Sahoo is an Ocean Engineering Associate Professor in Marine Environmental Systems. He stopped by the WFIT studios to participate in a Florida Tech Faculty Profile.  Specializing in Thermal Dynamics, Dr. Sahoo provides instruction on building ships (from small water crafts to huge ocean liners) and ocean platforms (oil rigs for extracting natural gas and oil from the ocean floor).  Dr.

On August 1, pro and college football hall of fame member Tony Dorsett will be the feature speaker at Florida Tech's Inside the Huddle Banquet.

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Congratulations Brevard! We are now at 55% exceeding the State's recycling goal of 50% by the end of 2015.

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