International Student Spotlight

Angel Vasquez

Nicole Bueno, a Florida Tech Undergraduate Student majoring in Chemical Engineering, stopped by the WFIT studios to talk with EJ Castor, show host, about her country, the Dominican Republic.  Nicole spoke of the beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic and invites us all to visit her country.

Mahdi Seyedneshad from Iran and a PhD student, majoring in Computer Science, stopped by the WFIT studios to participate in an International Student Spotlight, hosted by EJ Castor.  At the end of the interview, Mahdi spoke in his native language of Farzi (Persian) and sent a greeting back to his family and friends in Iran.  Mahdi also spoke of the difficulties encountered in leaving his home country to study in the United States.  Provided with a one-time, five-year Visa, students from Iran must remain for the duration to complete all of their coursework prior to returning to their home cou

Aaron Martes, an international student at Florida Tech; an Artist; a member of the Florida Tech Surf Team which placed 10th at National's Competition in California (June 2015); a guitar player; and majoring in Forensic Psychology (so, a multi-talented individual), stopped by the WFIT studios to participate in a Florida Tech International Student Spotlight hosted by EJ Castor.

Angel Vasquez

Anthony Lolchoki, from the Island of Mombasa (Eastern Kenya) spoke with EJ Castor about his international / educational travels that eventually brought him to Florida Tech. Anthony is seeking a Master's Degree in Aviation Safety.

Angel Vasquez

Ruben Wu, a student from Venezuela majoring in Information Systems and Computer Science, stopped by WFIT to participate in a Florida Tech International Student Spotlight hosted by EJ Castor.  Ruben, who is of Asian descent from immigrant Chinese parents, was born in Venezuela.  As a result, Spanish is Ruben's 1st language. Ruben also addressed the freedom he is able to experience by living in the United States versus his home country which is currently plagued by corruption.