WFIT Goes Down into the Basement Thanksgiving Day to Hear Bob Dylan

Nov 19, 2014

Bob Dylan

In 1967, Bob Dylan and several members of what would become The Band, got together in upstate New York. For months they recorded as they played.

Bootleg recordings of these sessions were passed around until Columbia Records finally issued a small part of these recording as The Basement Tapes.

Now 47 years later you can hear the complete historic recordings in a new 6 CD box set The Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series Vol. 11.
On Thanksgiving Nov. 27 1:00pm, WFIT will air a radio special Bob Dylan and the Band: The Complete Basement Tapes featuring music and interviews with the Band’s Garth Hudson, writers Greil Marcus & Anthony DeCurtis and producer Steve Berkowtiz.