Melbourne Makerspace Offers Opportunities to Create Projects

Feb 7, 2018

Provide the general public with the required elements necessary to create their own projects using their own materials and knowledge.

We do offer free educational classes to anyone free of charge. Membership is not required to attend classes.

We do not offer goods or services.

There are facilities to create a viable community and work environment for those who enjoy working on various types of projects. These projects may range from electronics, arts, engineering, software coding, fabrication, food related, beer brewing, crafting, 3D printing and lasering just to name a few. Creating and modifying items to generate a new or better form is our passion.

A Makerspace is a place where people make things, also referred to as a Hackerspace, is a laboratory of sorts that for community for people who are interested in designing things, learning new stuff, and generally being creative!
Makerspaces have a set of community-owned tools to share involving elements of a machine shop, woodworking tools, electronics equipment, and other fabrication devices.They also host classes and events to help encourage people to enjoy learning and creating. Many members typically join to work on individual projects while being able to ask others about their insight on a subject and use tools that otherwise would be out of reach to a typical hobbyist. It’s a great chance to meet other people who share these interests, and expand your own skills.

There are many things that members of a Makerspace may be interested in.
Some items include:
– Fabrication
– Metalworking
– Woodworking/Carpentry
– Prototyping
– Electronics
– Programming/Software
– Mechanics
– Physics
– Robotics
– Arts
– Crafts
– Chemistry
– 3d printing
– Laser cutting
– Microcontrollers
– Arduino
– Raspberry Pi
– The latest gadgets
… and much, much more!

How to join

Membership is not required to attend classes. Members of the Melbourne Makerspace enjoy 24/7/365 access to the facility, and may use tools while at Melbourne Makerspace. We do not loan tools for use elsewhere.   (Note that some tools will require training, or some form of proof that you won’t cut your fingers off, or burn your remaining good eye).

* 3D Printer(s)
* Laser cutter/engraver
* Electronics workbench
* Drill press, table saw, sander, welder, lathe and many woodworking and hand tools
* Library stocked with Make, Circuit Cellar, and 2600 magazines.

The link to the form to become a member is located on our CONTACT page.

The membership fee is $50 per month. If you want to include your significant other, add another $25 to that.

For more information there many ways to contact us.

Membership FAQ is located here.

Or join the discussion please visit our forums!