Lagoon Action Assembly-May 15th-17th

May 12, 2014

The Marine Resources Council (MRC) and the Florida Institute of Technology are coordinating an American Assembly on May 15–17, 2014 in Melbourne, FL to engage diverse stakeholders in identifying priority actions to restore the Indian River Lagoon. This assembly, titled the “Lagoon Action Assembly,” facilitates stakeholder delegates in two and a half days of problem solving.  Sponsorships are needed.  Find out more:

A diverse group of over 100 representatives from business, recreation, agriculture, infrastructure, elected leaders, economic and ecological experts plus many others will meet and discuss possible solutions for our dying Lagoon.

One hundred community leaders representing diverse economic and ecologic interests will meet in Melbourne, FL on May 15–17 to discuss solutions and prioritize actions to preserve the Indian River Lagoon.

  Become a part of history by sponsoring this important event! A $5000, $2500, $1000, $500, or $250 sponsorship earns you
tickets to the LAA Inaugural Event on Thursday, May 15.