Tia Williams


High school was the first time that Tia was exposed to the world of radio after working alongside radio host Demarrio Spence at AFN Europe in Ramstein, Germany for a semester. Soon after working at the station, radio became an interest for her and she wanted to know more about not only what happens on air but also what happens when the microphones go off.

Tia was born in Panama City, Florida but since she is an air force military child she has lived in numerous places in her life including Colorado, Iceland and Germany. She has lived in Germany for 13 years and enjoys going home for the holidays to visit her family.

Tia is a communications major in her second semester of junior year and is looking forward to graduating and hopefully getting into the public relations side of the communications field. She enjoys volunteering at different events around the school and meeting new people.

During her free time, Tia likes to go to the beach with friends or sail with the universities sailing club.

Ways to Connect

The First Amendment to the US Constitution bans restricting free exercise of religion, freedom of speech and peacefully assembling or petitioning. Many U.S. college students learn about the first amendment, but never experience life without it. Imagine not being allowed to choose what you eat for lunch, not being able to freely congregate with your friends or being forced to limit your conversations to only approved topics.