Tara Drumm


After hosting her own personal radio show, Drumming Solo, on Florida Tech’s College Radio, Tara decided she wanted to explore the off-air side of broadcasting. With aspirations of becoming an on-air meteorologist or news anchor, Tara is curious and excited to see how the media industry is conducted “behind the scenes”.

Tara was born and raised as a local Floridian in Port St. John and moved down to Melbourne to attend Florida Tech. Being a local resident of Brevard County her entire life helped spark her interest of volunteering for a local station like WFIT.

Tara is in her second semester of her junior year here at Florida Tech and is involved in many different aspects of on-campus life. She is a cadet in the Army ROTC program and also is involved in many philanthropic events through being a member of her sorority, Alpha Phi.

During her free time, Tara enjoys being with her family and friends while traveling at any opportunity.

Ways to Connect

The First Amendment to the US Constitution bans restricting free exercise of religion, freedom of speech and peacefully assembling or petitioning. Many U.S. college students learn about the first amendment, but never experience life without it. Imagine not being allowed to choose what you eat for lunch, not being able to freely congregate with your friends or being forced to limit your conversations to only approved topics.