Julius C. Lacking

The Lacking Organization Host

Born: Somewhere south of the border
Type of show: A non-markovian permutation of musical selections
Years on the Space Coast: 22
Favorite musicians/artists/albums: It really depends on my mood at the time. Anything that sounds unlike anything that came before it is probably high on my list at one time or another.
On the Web: http://www.lacking.org

Ways to Connect

Your favorite discombobulated locutor is moving to Colorado in September, and September 6th marks the last episode of The Lacking Organization on WFIT.

Come our last show on September 6, this slice of Tuesday night will have aired for eight years on WFIT, which comes to 400+ shows. Yikes. Your host and this randomly musical institution have no intention of stopping, though there may be a hiatus while a new outlet for stochastic sonic streaming is worked out.

Here you go: a recap of what your favorite over-vocabulated radio personality played on those Tuesday nights through the year, with helpful and occasionally sardonic commentary to help guide your recollection.

  AM + Shawn Lee

La Musique Numerique

This collection gives us vocal and instrumental versions of its tracks, which include a standout cover of Joe Jackson's "Steppin' Out" and a vibe that will make you take out the grownup glasses for making cocktails.

 The Computers