Joni Schoonmaker (DJ Joni-O)

Stray Cat Lounge Host

Loved my transistor radio at 10; wore out the 8-track in my VW beetle in college. Built my massive music collection from years working in record stores - Peaches Records in WPB and Tower Records in NYC. Enjoyed playing parties and restaurants on the side. Believe that music generates creativity and that musical inspiration creates more music. Love mixing it live and sharing a musical adventure that bops back and forth through the decades. It's all about the set!

Born:  Gainesville, FL
Type of show: Eclectic rock, soul and funk mix for the galaxy.
Years living on the Space Coast:  36
Favorite musician/artist: David Bowie
Favorite album: Loose Screw (The Pretenders)
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Stray Cat Lounge

The Stray Cat Lounge is a live 2 hour eclectic music mix of "spacey" future beats injected with rock 'n roll energy and a funky soulful vibe. The Stray Cat Lounge features planetary legends and indies crashing big and small in a galaxy that goes far beyond the Space Coast.

Pack your spaceship and park it - Sundays 1:00 p.m. - 3 p.m. ET.