Jane Clary

Director of Gifts and Outreach

Jane Clary became the Director of Gifts and Outreach in March 2014.  She oversees funding for WFIT from individual listeners, develops and implements new giving programs, maintains a specialized donor database, creates and sends a monthly e-newsletter and handles reservations and payments for special events.

  Jane began working for the Florida Institute of Technology in July 2009.  For the past 2 1/2 years she was the Manager of Gift and Financial Reporting for the Office of Development, and prior to that worked for Florida Tech Consulting. 

  Jane is a Florida Tech alumni, earning her Master's in Business Administration in 1993.  Her Bachelor's Degree in Finance is from the University of Central Florida.

  Jane is native Palm Bay resident, whose grandparents immigrated to Palm Bay in the 1920's.  She lives in Palm Bay with her husband Charles and 3 children.   

Ways to Connect

Vinyl Records (45s)  $50 Pledge

Artist - Songs

The Dapps - I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow/A Woman a Lover & a Friend

Freddy King - Hide Away/I Love the Woman

Jimmy McKrackin - Later On/I Know

Lighting Hopkins - Wake Up Old Lady/ Business You're Doin'

Priscilla Bowman - I've Got News For You / My Darkest Night

Slim Harpo - I'm Your Bread MakerBaby / Loving You

Slim Harpo - Raining in My Heart / Don't Start Crying Now

Vinyl LP Record $50 Pledge
The Temples - Volcano

Looking to add some variety to your music collection? We have a ton of CDs for you to choose from! With your donation of $50 or more, you can choose the CD that best fits your style. There is a limited quantity of each, so don’t hesitate, call us with your pledge at 321-674-8950 or pledge online, and tell us what CD you can’t live without!
CDs $50 Pledge
Artist – Album Title
12 Years A Slave Soundtrack - 12 Years A Slave Soundtrack
23 Treez - In the Middle
4th deminsional Beings - Alien History
A e Topus - Between Empires

Pledge your support for your Space Coast Public Radio and you can score a great gift.  We have a vast selection of Thank You gifts, but supplies are limited, so the sooner the pledge, the greater the selection. Please give us a call at 321-674-8950 or pledge online today.

4 Leaf Clovers & Leprechauns?

No, No, It's YOU who are WFIT's Lucky Charms!

WFIT's Spring Fund Drive begins on Saint Patrick's Day, Friday, March 17th!

Melbourne Community Orchestra

This Melbourne Municipal Swingtime Band Concert which blends smooth jazz with strings, is free to the public.