Hershlay Raymond


Hershlay Raymond was born on a warm summer day in Boston and still considers it to be her hometown, even though she moved to Florida as a toddler. She fell in love with radio in her teens, depending on podcasts from National Public Radio and Public Radio International to entertain her during high school study hall and long car rides.

Currently, she is a junior communication major at Florida Tech and the editor-in-chief of the campus’ student run newspaper, The Crimson. At Florida Tech, she also is a member of the Relay for Life development committee, the student activities funding committee, and the Gamma Phi Beta sorority.

When she isn't interning at WFIT or working at her on campus job, she enjoys watching movies, not getting hit by cars when riding her bicycle, and eating frozen yogurt with her sorority sisters.

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WFIT intern Hershlay Raymond's top ten albums of 2013 with some honorable mentions.

10. The Avett Brothers' "Magpie and the Dandelion"
Sweetness spills out of The Avett Brothers’ banjos.
Notable Tracks: "Open Ended Life" "Another is Waiting"

Arcade Fire © Guy Aroch

Coming off their Grammy for Album of the Year in 2011, Arcade Fire was on top. There is no outdoing the band’s near perfect, third studio album, The Suburbs.

The band members were aware of this, so for their latest album they looked for new inspiration. They went soul searching in Haiti, and the result from the journey came the vast and ambitious Reflektor.

Arcade Fire’s fourth album expands on their already opaque sound and brings a new life to Arcade Fire.

The Neighbourhood’s debut album “I Love You” begins boldly. “How could you question God's existence when you question God himself?”  That’s the first lyric in the opening track “How.” From there, the Californian quintet starts a record filled with heavy existentialist themes about love and hate told in a light indie pop fashion.

The Neighbourhood may spell their band name with a ‘u’, but they are an American group from California. Their Los Angeles origins seem fitting for them.  L.A. is the city of angels and seems to gleams with gold, but that is merely the surface. Underneath the shine is a gritty underbelly.  Los Angeles is filled with movie stars and pollution; glamour and corruption. The Neighbourhood’s message may seem to ooze with disgust and melodrama; however, there is an incredibly polished surface.

When students pack up and leave for summer, college campuses may seem desolate, but at Florida Tech, the students are quickly replaced by young campers. One camp in particular is the Marine and Environmental Science Camp which specializes in teaching oceanography, ocean engineering, environmental science, marine science, and meteorology through hands-on activities.

Roadkill Ghost Choir may seem like a strange name for a band, but for them it’s fitting. Their music is raw, like fresh roadkill, while simultaneously being hauntingly lovely. They have similar sensibilities to the indie folk bands that are currently at the peak of popular music today, such as Mumford and Sons and The Lumineers, but they have a sound entirely all their own.