Drew Lacy

Media Specialist

A Brevard native, Drew Lacy grew up in a blur of space ships and sandcastles to become a communication major at Florida Tech. She spent her college years delving into the world of student journalism and the First Amendment.

Drew first stumbled onto WFIT through a dysfunctional car radio and promptly fell in love with music she'd never heard before. She volunteered at a spring fund drive later that year and interned at the station the following fall. At the end of her internship, she joined WFIT's staff as media specialist.

When she’s not working, Drew enjoys nerdy endeavors such as World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, and Oxford commas.


12:54 pm
Tue December 17, 2013

What Are Your Top 10 Albums Of 2013?

December is the month of holiday cheer, lengthy lines at the store item returns counter, and of course, year-end countdowns.

As the staff of NPR's All Songs Considered wrap up their year-end musical favorites, we at WFIT want to know your favorite new releases of 2013. Give us a top 10 list of your favorite new albums or songs from 2013 on our Facebook or in the comments.

Check back later this week for our WFIT staff picks and see how yours compare!

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WFIT Features
1:55 pm
Wed October 30, 2013

Hosting The Hosts: Fred Migliore

Welcome to the first edition of Hosting the Hosts! In each of these web exclusives, you'll read stories told a little by station intern Drew Lacy and a lot by the hosts of your favorite shows. In this first edition, learn more about FM Odyssey host Fred Milgiore and how his show became the fan favorite that is is today.

Fred Migliore arrived in the studio for our interview barefoot, flanked by a golden retriever named Zero who announced the pair’s entrance with a booming bark.

“It’s kind of like putting the vacuum cleaner on in reverse,” Fred said, describing the experience of turning the tables to be the interviewee rather than interviewer. Zero circled below the desk with the occasional huff or sigh to request a scratch behind the ears.

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