• Host of Exploring Jazz

    Joel Greenblatt is a trombonist from New York City. Since moving to Melbourne in 2005, Joel had a two-year tenure with the Space Coast Jazz Society as presiding director. He has also participates in several community bands and has done his best...

  • On the Flipside Host

    I love art and music, and I love to create art that relates to music.

    Born:  Newark, NJ
    Type of show: An eclectic mix of tunes recorded over the past 50 years from our classic rock, folk and soul heroes.
    Years living...

  • Stray Cat Lounge Host

    Loved my transistor radio at 10; wore out the 8-track in my VW beetle in college. Built my massive music collection from years working in record stores - Peaches Records in WPB and Tower Records in NYC. Enjoyed playing parties and...

  • The Lacking Organization Host

    Born: Somewhere south of the border
    Type of show: A non-markovian permutation of musical selections
    Years on the Space Coast: 22
    Favorite musicians/artists/albums: It really depends on my mood at the time. Anything that sounds...

  • Blues with a Twist / Co-Host with Jeanne Kelly

    Originally from Alabama, Sister Mary has now been in Florida for 50 years.  In 2003, she started volunteering at WFIT  during the fund drives.  One Saturday, she volunteered during the Saturday Blues show.  This led to her helping out with the...