Loved my transistor radio at 10; wore out the 8-track in my VW beetle in college. Built my massive music collection from years working in record stores - Peaches Records in WPB and Tower Records in NYC. Enjoyed playing parties and restaurants on the side. Believe that music generates creativity and that musical inspiration creates more music. Love mixing it live and sharing a musical adventure that bops back and forth through the decades. It's all about the set!

I love art and music, and I love to create art that relates to music.

Born:  Newark, NJ
Type of show: An eclectic mix of tunes recorded over the past 50 years from our classic rock, folk and soul heroes.
Years living on the Space Coast:  Off & on nearly 40
Favorite musician/artist:  The Beatles, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Ronstadt
Favorite album: Hunk Dory by David Bowie (on 8 track)
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Born:  Providence, RI
Years living on the Space Coast:  26
Favorite artists:  Taj Mahal, Keb Mo, E.G. Kight, Ronnie Earl, Charlie Musselwhite, David Maxwell, Sax Gordon
Favorite albums: Any Woman’s Blues (Rounder Records), Playing with My Friends (Tony Bennett Sings the Blues), Seven Year Itch (Etta James)

Born: Quonset Point, RI
Type of show:  Blues
Years living on the Space Coast:  20+
Favorite musician/artists: Probably Tom Waits, if pressed, but there are so many good ones!
Favorite album: Kind of Blue
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Jack Simpson, host of 'Jazz on the Beach', began his radio career in 1967.  Since then, 'Jazz on the Beach' has been heard on nine stations in Brevard and Orlando. 

Born in Blackburn, England and raised in Leeds, Jack’s love of jazz began early on and he spent his free time listening to American swing and jazz tunes on the radio.  At 18 he was inducted into the RAF and was trained at the Royal Technical College in wireless mechanics. 

Born: Somewhere south of the border
Type of show: A non-markovian permutation of musical selections
Years on the Space Coast: 22
Favorite musicians/artists/albums: It really depends on my mood at the time. Anything that sounds unlike anything that came before it is probably high on my list at one time or another.
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Born:  Detroit, Michigan
Type of show: Classic blues, early R & B, roots of rock’n roll, best of new blues and requests.
Favorite artists: Bill Doggett, Louis Jordan, T-Bone Walker, Muddy, Wolf, Little Willie John, 5 Royales, Shorty Long, Fats Domino, Ray Charles and many more!

Fred Migliore has been passionate about music his entire life. Growing up nurtured on New York City’s underground free form radio, Fred was inspired to create a program dedicated to his passion.

The music you listen to is the soundtrack of your life.
- Tom Bayes

Born: Falls Church, VA
Type of show: Blues
Years living on the Space Coast: 24 years
Favorite musicians/artists: I like them all
Favorite albums: West Side Soul, Magic Sun, Roscoe Gordon, anything...
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Born: Naples, Italy
Type of show: Eclectic, acoustic and electronic music (primarily instrumental) with world influences.
Years living on the Space Coast: 21 yrs
Favorite artists: M. C. Escher and Dali