King Center for the Performing Arts

  Big Brothers Big Sisters' Brevard Cooking from the Heart is a tasty fundraiser simmering with irresistible ingredients, loaded with fun and entertainment, seasoned to perfection with love to benefit the children of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Florida.  March 11, 2017 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm at the Melbourne Auditorium.  


The mission of the department of engineering systems is to prepare engineers and scientists for leadership roles in business organizations. Our educational objectives are to achieve steady enrollment growth and pursue practical funded research; to provide engineers and scientists the skills to expand their areas of responsibility in the workplace; and to update the skills of engineers and scientists in their fields of specialization.  more info  

Far more complex than the Hollywood portrayal of the camel-riding wanderer clad in flowing white robes and searching for water, Saudi Arabian Bedouins are diverse, skilled craftspeople, dedicated to family, hospitality and honor. The way in which these iconic nomads learned to adapt to an environment as inhospitable as the desert is a marvel of anthropological and artistic ingenuity.