Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival
Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival

 Melbourne film fest schedule: movies, celebrities, red carpet and Dynamic Duos

The Derek Gores Gallery will host a pre-party for the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival on Oct. 8 from 7 to 11 p.m. In keeping with the theme of Dynamic Duos, you get in free if you’re wearing a costume. There will be a costume contest, with prizes! If you just want to watch, the $10 cover includes lots of entertainment and fun.

Melbourne Chamber Music Society
Melbourne Chamber Music Society

This season the Society will present six  rather than the traditional five concerts. Included in the series are the thirteen member New York Chamber Soloists, three string quartets, one with piano, a traditional piano trio and a violin and piano duo.

Raising awareness of beach issues and money for Keep Brevard Beautiful and Surfrider Foundation, while making memories along the way. 1/3 Walk-A-Thon - 1/3 Beach Clean-up, 1/3 Extreme Pub Crawl!

Next Monday is Columbus Day and we look at some of the music that the Admiral of the Ocean Sea and his crew might have heard in Palos de la Frontera in 1492 if they were so inclined. Spanish music in the Age of Exploration drew on influences from Europe and from south of the Mediterranean, making it some of the most diverse and original of its time.

Next we'll hear a few more of the Paganini Caprices -- we'll get to all of them over the next couple of months -- and then we begin another series of complete symphony cycles, this time the symphonies of Johannes Brahms.

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