New Building Wish List

Be part of something special, a legacy for the future

In a world of prepackaged programming, listener-supported public radio provides a crucial independent source of music, news and information.

Over the years, WFIT has critically outgrown its current space. Our studio space and production facilities do not come close to meeting our minimum needs - and that makes it a challenge to produce quality programming.

Over 25 devoted, committed volunteers -- duct tape and faith -- are what have kept WFIT up and running every day.

WFIT is now building a green radio station, and it's nearing completion. This exciting move will help us grow and improve on what we do best: Build and connect the community.

Wish List

As we look forward to all of the new possibilities our building will provide in terms of programming our “Wish List” continues to grow.  Even if we re-locate the equipment in our current 2 and ½ broadcast studios we still have empty studios to equip.

Please take a look at our wish list:

Name the entire Building                    $1,000,000

Name the Performance Studio         $150,000

Name the On-Air Studio                      $100,000

Name the Conference Studio            $50,000

Name a Production Studio                 $25,000

2 Netwave 16 Channel Console        $15,000 each

4 Netwave 8 Channel Console           $7,500 each

5 Symetrix 2X Voice Processors      $1,800 each

8 Marantz CDR633                                $650 each

8 ElectroVoice RE20 Microphone   $610 each

If you are in a position to sponsor a studio, are interested in Building naming opportunity or a piece of equipment please call me at 321 674-8135 or email at

WFIT makes a difference in the quality of life in our community!