Enironment http://wfit.org en Florida Supreme Court Approves Conservation Amendment http://wfit.org/post/florida-supreme-court-approves-conservation-amendment <p>Update to a <a href="http://wfit.org/post/florida-campaign-gathers-signatures-future-land-protection" target="_blank">previous WFIT feature</a>:</p><p>In recent years conservation funding in Florida has been cut by 97.5%. A coalition of volunteers spent the last several months collecting signatures across the state, in an attempt to return funding. The citizens and environmental groups behind this petition drive needed about a million signatures for the measure - known as Florida&rsquo;s Water and Land Legacy amendment - to make it to the 2014 ballot. The Florida Supreme Court has just agreed that it satisfies legal requirements for placement on the ballot.<a href="http://floridawaterlandlegacy.org/index.php?page=pressrelease&amp;content=extended&amp;id=4" target="_blank"> The Water and Land Conservation</a> amendment is the first constitutional amendment to be approved by the Supreme Court for the 2014 ballot, according to Florida&rsquo;s Water and Land Legacy, the amendment&rsquo;s sponsor. Thu, 26 Sep 2013 19:33:10 +0000 Michelle Z Walker 26894 at http://wfit.org